Hi, I am Nate Ude

a UI engineer with a background in design. I work on the web by myself or with other engineers and designers to find and solve problems.


I have lots of skills like cooking over campfires and drinking coffee but more to the point all the things that go with being a UI engineer on the modern web. Here are a few projects I have been working on recently


My currrent empoyler is a rails based application where I work with the a team of other engineers (Frontend, Backend & QA) and designers to optimize the UI and increasing engagment.

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Beth & Nate

This is a pretty simple website I built out in PHP for my wedding.

Was really fun and different to work on a non client site for a change and intersting to work on a site without any frameworks.

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Pup-Ups is a collobartion to provied a never ending stream of puppy pictures to everyone.

This was the first Rails APP I built on my own and launched on a server, it includes a login system, JSON API, and lots of puppies!

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Donut Study

The Donut Study is an interactive landing page that developed while I was at Walker Sands. It was a fun project that allowed me to play aorund with some of the new CSS3 and HTML5 properties

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StrongHammer is a Wordpress Tempalate that I developed to allow a quick and easy custom developement for small buinesses. It includes a content taging system to help dyanmically conntect CTAS, content and resoures, while still loading very quickly website.

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About Me

I attended the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire, where I graduated with a BA emphasizing graphic design. During my last year of school I interned in Madison WI, with Matt Schaser. I continue to work with and learn from Matt, together we design and implement web sites and other projects.

During my school years I became interested in the Web after a few brief intro courses I struck out on my own to learn the skills I needed. By talking with friends and other developers I met along the way, while spending time online taking other's work apart I taught myself how to be a developer.

I have been in the chicago area for a number of years working at agencies in the digital world. I am currently working at OneMain Financial as a UI engineer with a full team of Engineers and Desigers.